Author: Francis Simisim

strawberry flavored taho

Taho: Staple Pinoy Comfort Food

When in Manila, there’ll always be that one Pinoy snack you’d always remember growing up in the Philippines. To many, one of them would have to be taho. Taho is a sweet snack made of …
mosquito dengue aedes thumb

What You Need to Know about Dengue Fever

When in Manila, the rainy season is always associated with dengue. Cases of dengue infections are continually increasing especially in urban areas. In fact, some hospitals in Metro Manila are now looking for places to …
pba standings thumb

PBA Governor’s Cup 2011 Standings

When in Manila, PBA Fans are eagerly anticipating for the turnout of Governor’s Cup 2011! Two teams that made it to the finals are Talk N Text and Petron Blaze Boosters. As of now, Both …