Melanie Marquez’s Piece of Advice to Shamcey Supsup

The Miss Universe 2011 is getting nearer and nearer! A lot of Filipinos here and abroad are eagerly anticipating for Miss Philippines Shamcey Supsup, whether she’ll be able to represent our country with flying colors or at least give it a good shot. Last year, Venus Raj has made it to the Top 5 and I’m sure a lot of us were thinking that she’s got a good chance of winning, that is until Q&A portion came and she dropped her famous ka-boom line “…major, major…” Bonggang-bongga!






Now that the “Major, major” hype has died down, I bet some of us are thinking, “Will there be an interpreter for Shamcey come Q&A?” We haven’t got a clue yet, but if Miss International 1979 Melanie Marquez were to be asked, she’s okay with it. In an interview with “IbaBalita” last Friday, the former beauty queen said, “Kung may interpreter [na available], bakit hindi diba?” (If there’s an interpreter available at the time, why not?).



Miss Philippines Venus Raj in the Q&A Portion



Marquez added that it will be a great opportunity for Supsup to showcase the Filipino language in front of the international audience.“Mas maganda para at least malaman ng iba na mahal talaga natin ang kultura natin,” (It would be better [to use the Filipino language] for them to know how we embrace our culture) she said.



I’ve heard a lot of good things about Shamcey being an intelligent woman and I think she might be able to pull off speaking in either English or Tagalog (sometimes it’s really the jitters that ruin the whole thing). On the other hand, I believe Miss Melanie Marquez’s point should not be taken for granted either.



So if I were to ask you this: should they hire an interpreter for Shamcey Supsup this time around? What would you say?



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