Mark Yee Sundot Scandal on PBA

When in Manila, the PBA crowd sure had a laugh fest last night as Mark Yee of Talk and Text got a little “butt action” going on against import Anthony Grundy of Petron. Game may eventually be forgotten, but the memory is sure to haunt Yee for years and give him a spot in  PBA’s “Hall of Shame” LOL. Check out this video and see it for yourself!



Mark Yee's Sundot Scandal (Petron vs TNT Game 1… by khalel610



Yee must have thought, “Anthony, WHY YOU SO FIT? Rawrrr!” As they say, “Once you go black, you can never go back!” LOL kidding!



mark yee sundot scandal pba



Remember this basketball commercial from a few years ago? Spot the similarities. LMAO! =D





Happy Thursday guys!