Jones Cup 2011 Update: Smart Gilas Beats Malaysia, 86-68

On the fourth day of the William Jones Cup 2011 at Hsinjhuang Stadium, Taipei, Smart Gilas has beaten Malaysia with a score of 86-68. The Philippines now has a standing of 3-1 (win-loss) tally.



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On the first few minutes of the game, Smart Gilas took the lead by as much as 23 running points. However, Team Malaysia got to trail closely behind Philippines near the first half by forcing them to turnovers. Halftime score was 37-34 in favor of Philippines. On the other hand, Smart Gilas made a huge run in the third quarter, ending it with a score of 60-40.

For the next game, Smart Gilas will be facing South Korea as their next opponent. You can catch their game later on AKTV (IBC-13) at 5PM.

See the Gilas boys goofing out during their pastime by clicking on this link:

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