AUMA: Styling for Every Filipino

NOTICE: This article was published in 2019. As of recent, Feb 2023, there are news reports stating that persons included in this article may be involved in illegal activities and scams. We do not have the full details on these allegations. Please exercise caution.


Ever had an event to go to, but didn’t know what to wear? What about receiving an interview invitation, but being confused about what to wear? Fashion styling firms are the answer to these tricky situations! They help you dress up according to the theme, the environment, and your personal style.

AUMA started as a clothing line in 2017 and is now Manila’s newest fashion styling firm. It launched its services to the public on September 3, 2019.

auma 4

AUMA Fashion Styling Firm’s Founder and Head Stylist, Mika Cabrera

Mika Cabrera, Founder and Head Stylist of AUMA, says that “Auma is the combination of two people’s names who meant a lot to me. I guess you can say that Auma came from love and it’s my passion and love for style and fashion that will always sustain it.”

Mika envisions AUMA to be a platform for people to discover themselves through clothes. She wants to spread the message that the way people present themselves to the world has an impact on a person’s well-being.

auma 3

An example of how AUMA would style a “classic” outfit with a modern twist

The way that AUMA styles their clients depends on their personality, comfort, event, and everyday lifestyle. It’s their mission to develop well-selected and curated looks for each client.


A clothing rack from AUMA’s “laid-back” styling collection

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Curious to find out your best everyday styling pieces? Contact AUMA today and book your first styling session!