Attention Dog Lovers: PAWSsion Project Calls for DONATIONS, VOLUNTEERS, AND ADOPTERS!

Words by Gianna Sibal

Photos courtesy of The PAWSsion Project

Not all heroes wear capes—mine are dog rescuers.

PAWSsion Project is a Bacolod-based non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing strays and finding homes for them, and a fierce advocate against animal cruelty. Founder Ms. Malou started this just last October 2018, and it was unplanned—the rescue mission came together only when fifty dogs were scheduled to be killed by gunshot at the pound. And then another rescue mission came, and another, and another. And with limited resources and manpower, for months, they pushed through with shelter management and rescue operations.

How admirable is that? This organization continuously chooses to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves, to protect those who can’t protect themselves. As a dog lover, their cause and advocacy, their successful missions have filled my heart with immense gratitude and joy.

A few weeks ago, they saved over a hundred dogs on death row in Bulacan to be brought to the shelter—a shelter that had just been opened and constructed recently, and is currently still in progress.

PAWSsion Project is in need of donations, volunteers, and adopters.

Supplies, dog food, bowls, leashes, collars—anything you can give to help with their cause! PAWSsion Project is also currently struggling with their own rescues which is over 300 now, and they have so many pending veterinary bills, and the stress from their ongoing shelter construction. They are calling for anyone and everyone who can lend a hand—pledges in cash or in kind are needed and are more than welcome.

Their shelter at Waze Tierra Fontana 12 Waves Resort SJDM Bulacan is open for volunteers every weekend—if you have the time, go ahead and pay them a visit. Volunteers can paint the walls for the shelter and help with any other construction needed, feed the dogs, and walk and play with them. Like they said, your fingerprints don’t fade from the lives of those you touch.

Aside from donations and volunteers, hundreds of dogs is a big number, and these furry friends need forever homes! If you’re looking for a companion, adopt and don’t shop. I encourage you to open your homes to dogs that need them, and need care and love and compassion. Check out PAWSsion Project’s Instagram and Facebook for more details should you want to adopt and bring home your furry baby.

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This organization has saved so many lives. Let’s help them as well—a little help can go a long way!

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