Ateneo reaches decision on the bullying incident

After a fierce trial by publicity, Ateneo Junior High School released a statement on their decision for the bullying incident that happened on campus.

According to Ateneo de Manila University president Jose Ramon Villarin, SJ, “the decision of the administration is to impose the penalty of dismissal.”

He adds, “This means that he is no longer allowed to come back to the Ateneo.”

Read the university president’s full statement below:

This decision was reached after the authorities reached out to both parties involved. The president promised to offer continued support to help both families overcome the situation.

The statement mentions that the Ateneo de Manila University has policies and processes codified in the student handbook, but that the university will ensure that the community internalizes this. Following the incident, they have launched a task force to study the current situation to recommend how they can create a “safer and bully-free environment.”

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