An asteroid might hit Earth in September

There’s been a lot going on in space lately.

From NASA finding the Star Trek Starfleet symbol on Mars to astronomers finding two planets that could possibly support life, things have been pretty busy in the space department.

However, one of the biggest space news that could actually have an impact on us right now is the fact that an asteroid may or may not hit the Earth’s surface in September.

asteroid earth

Illustration by Dieter Spannknebel

Don’t be alarmed yet, though. The ESA (European Space Agency) reports that it has a 1-in-7000 chance of hitting the planet.

They’ve estimated it to be around the size of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, which makes it seem like a baby compared to the asteroid that supposedly wiped out all of the dinosaurs millions of years ago.

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The ESA is still observing the asteroid, but they’re quite confident that it won’t actually make it to Earth. The object is still in the ‘risk’ list and not on the priority list, after all.