Arrogant Frog Wines: For the French in All of Us


Frogs may not be the first thing on our minds when we think of wines. When we talk about wines, we imagine state and elegance, something that is only discerned by those with fine palates and quite possibly, moustaches.

According to Guillame Borrot, master winemaker for Arrogant Frog Wines, their unique name comes from people’s perception of the French. “Americans and English call us froggies, and we can be quite arrogant, so Arrogant Frog!”


While the name feels a little exclusive, trust us when we say that these wines were made to suit both the beginners and the more mature wine tasters. We weren’t too sure about the differences between Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot when we entered the event at Le Jardin in BGC, but we came out feeling like an expert with Guillame’s descriptions.


One of the most classic pairings in the world is wine and cheese, and Le Jardin was only too happy to provide a few nibbles to go with the wines. Sweet whites were paired with tangy cheeses, and deeper and full bodied reds were munched with truffle popcorn. The result is amazing. And this is from someone who doesn’t know what fruity legs are.


IMG_2915As a casual drinker, I’ve always preferred white wine over the reds, and Arrogant Frog’s Sauvingon Blanc was my choice wine for the night. It was light enough that it didn’t leave me blushing like a teenager after one glass, but sweet enough to get me giggly. Something I’ll definitely keep in mind when shopping for my next Arrogant Frog!

Arrogant Frog wines are available from Forth and Tay and their partner restaurants.


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