Are You Wondering Why You’re Still Single?

Article by Aimee Julia Pua

I think we’re all used to our lolas and titas asking us, “Kailan ka na mag-aasawa?” every time there’s a family reunion. Even if you’re still a bit too young for that question, they still can’t help but ask the alternative: “May boyfriend (or girlfriend) ka na ba?” This scenario repeats itself every. Single. Reunion. At some point, it’s going to drive you nuts!

In order to avoid a very long discussion you will probably lose; you may have just sat there, given a small smile, and waited for them to finally move on to another (equally scandalous) topic. But, oh my God! You’ve probably very much wanted to (also very respectfully, of course) scream one of the following:

“I need to focus on myself first!”

Ang pangit ko kasi!”

“I have high standards!”

“My family still needs me to be the breadwinner!”

“I’m still waiting for Mr./Ms. Right!”

Are those legitimate reasons for staying single, though, especially when you’re already of age? Well, dear friend, I’m here to inform you that maybe you’re just making up excuses, as Velden Lim (motivational speaker, vlogger, writer, and husband) will tell you in Bakit Single Ka Pa Rin?

And now, this is how you probably feel:

Worry not, my single friend! Bakit Single Ka Pa Rin? will tell you exactly why you’re still single, and what you need to do to next. This absolutely truthful book contains the (very doable) measures you have to take if you’re really serious about wanting to get married (or even just “in a relationship”) in the near future.

Photo from Velden Lim’s website

Not only is Velden Lim’s book brutally honest; it’s also witty and adorable. From chapter titles to the actual paragraphed content, Velden’s humorous writing style will hook you in from the first page! You’ll also read a bunch of realistic-but-with-a-twist scenarios that’ll tingle your imagination–all this while helping you get through your singlehood stage. Trust me, you’ll never need to say “Ang pangit ko kasi!” ever again.




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