Are October 31 and November 2 holidays?

November 1 is definitely a holiday.

President Rodrigo Duterte declared Friday a holiday in observance of All Saints’ Day, through Proclamation No. 555.

November 2, Saturday, is declared as “an additional special (non-working) day.”

However, October 31, is no yet declared as a holiday.

Checking with declarations from previous years, it might likely since additional holidays are declared.

In 2018, October 31 was not declared as a special non-working holiday and only listed November 2 as a holiday. However, the Palace clarified that owners of private companies have the authority whether to give that as a day off to their employees or not.

Although not a holiday last year, the Palace later on suspended all government work on the afternoon of October 31 last year to allow them to travel for All Saints’ Day.

It is expected that lots of people travel back home to visit their departed loved ones.

In the first two years of Duterte’s term, he declared both October 31 and November 2 as additional special non-working holidays.

So, we’ll keep you posted if new information comes up.

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