Arcy Diner: These Burgers are One of La Union’s Hidden Gems

If you think you’ve run out of good places to eat in San Juan, La Union, think again. In a cozy spot right on the beach, hidden in one of San Juan’s resorts, lies Arcy Diner.

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Arcy Diner is a relative newcomer to the food scene in La Union, but they’re on their way to becoming one of the most famous spots in the area because of their amazing food.

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If you pass by their spot, you may actually be drawn in by the unique design of their place—an elegant, modern French-glam space with lots of pastels. It definitely stands out! But their picture-perfect space is just the tip of the iceberg of what they offer.

The highlight of their menu is their burgers. Ruiz Isaac, one of the owners, says that they decided to open up this food spot to serve the best burgers one could try in San Juan, La Union.

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We got to try a few of their bestsellers, and their food is indeed one of the best we had the pleasure of enjoying in the area.

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Starting our feast off with a classic, the Arcy’s BBQ Cheese Burger, it was an instant taste of what might be one of the greatest hidden gems of San Juan, La Union. This burger features a 150-gram beef patty cooked to perfection, topped with homemade barbecue sauce, and some cheddar cheese, all sandwiched between flavorful brioche buns.

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Another highlight of their menu is the Sunrise Burger which features their signature beef patty and brioche buns with tasty smoked ham, a sunny-side-up egg, some cheddar, and a delicious mango jam that adds a bit of sweetness to the savory burger. This was definitely one of my favorites.

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The Milano Quarter Pounder is another must-try item on their menu, especially if you love your burgers extra savory and extra flavorful. This particular burger includes delicious Italian cheese and pesto!

While Arcy Diner’s burgers are the real treasures of their menu, they also have hearty rice meals to try if you’re someone who needs rice in their life always.

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Their Hiko Chicken Rice features karaage-style fried chicken that bursts with flavor due to the fact that it’s marinated for hours! It’s also served with a delicious sauce and a hearty serving of rice.

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Their Burger Steak Rice just might surprise you because of how massive the serving is. This meal is served with a flavorful burger patty on top of a bed of rice with mushroom gravy.

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Arcy Diner would also be a great spot for brunch, especially with their chicken and waffles. Their waffles are just as tasty as their karaage-style fried chicken—definitely the perfect match.

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To top off the great feast, Arcy Diner serves creamy milkshakes and the most refreshing cocktails created by its other co-owner, Chloe Magsaysay. Fun fact: she also owns the famous Halo-Hilo in San Juan!

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The Arcy Breeze is one of their bestselling cocktails simply because it’s refreshing and smooth and sweet. Many of their customers don’t stop at finishing just one glass of this!

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Their cocktail menu also includes Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Amaretto Sour, Whiskey Highball, and more.

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They also have a Happy Hour every day from 3 PM to 7 PM when you can enjoy Buy 1 Take 1 cocktails at PHP 300. This is such a hit for many of their customers especially since their drinks are so good!

Honestly, anything you might want to try from Arcy Diner is sure to be a winner. Their food and drinks look just as good as they taste, too!

As someone who grew up in La Union, Arcy Diner is definitely one of the top restaurants I’d now recommend to anyone looking for a great food experience in San Juan. Don’t forget to check them out on your next La Union trip!

Arcy Diner

Beachfront Seanymph, Urbiztondo, San Juan

Facebook: arcydiner

Open 11am-11pm on Weekends; 12pm-9pm on Weekdays

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