Architects Live In Manila: Intensity, Technicality and Breakdowns

Metalcore, which is the synthesis of Metal’s technicality, speed and aggression, with the brutal breakdowns of Hardcore, has a passionate tribe of followers in our country. They are the new breed of music heads and musicians who grew up listening to and appreciating the various genres and sub-genres of Heavy Metal and Hardcore Punk. One of the more heralded bands of the scene is Brighton, England’s Architects, composed of vocalist Sam Carter, twin brothers Tom Searle on  guitar and Dan Searle on drums, as well as bassist Alex Dean. The band has created a steady and loyal fan base from all over the world since their formation in 2004. With six studio albums and a couple of lineup changes, the band just keeps getting better technically in terms of musicianship and songwriting. When Pulp Live World Productions announced that they were bringing Architects to perform, the Philippine Metalcore community buzzed with excitement.

 ArchitectsArchitects Doing What They Do Best


February 7 was D-Day and the perimeter of the SM Skydome was filled with the anxious anticipation of the very young black-clad Metalcore community. There was no opening act, so just a little past 8PM, the familiar ambient electronic intro to “Broken Cross” filled the dome and Architects came out full force in sync with the screams of all in attendance. Breakdowns, which are a trademark of Hardcore, wherein a slower shift in tempo, played with a very heavy guitar and bass sound to create a sonic assault perfect for slamdancing in a mosh pit, is normally incorporated in the middle or towards the end of a song, but these new generation of bands begin some of their songs with breakdowns such as with this first song.

 Adam Christianson & Alex DeanAdam Christianson & Alex Dean


By the second song, “The Devil Is Near,” a small circle pit had formed in front of the left side of the stage, and as soon as the chords from “Dead Man Talking” reverberated, a massive pit was formed in the middle of the audience. There were moments when the band played one song after the other with no break in between creating a maelstrom of controlled chaos in the mosh pit with people slamming into each other, pogoing and even doing hardcore flying kicks. The band played all original songs from their albums; Hollow Crown, The Here And Now, Daybreaker and of course 2014’s Lost Forever // Lost Together.


Sam Carter 7Sam Carter