Arca’s Yard: Taste Baguio’s OG Camote Pie at This Instagrammable Cafe

Price Range: Php100+
Sockets: Yes
WiFi: Yes
Parking: Yes
Arcas Yard Lisa David 7783
Whenever people go to Baguio, they usually visit the Bencab Museum or the Cafe by the Ruins. Don’t get me wrong. Those two are gems of the City of Pines. However, if you want to explore a new place, Arca’s Yard is an underrated cafe you must try.
Homey, cozy, and inviting. Those are the words that come to mind upon entering this secret haven. The owner, Ninja Sando, transformed this ancestral home into a place where people can relax with its warm ambiance and, more importantly, good food.
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Ninja has an affinity for native artifacts. Over the years, she has collected antiques like Indigenous arts and crafts and paintings by the Cordilleras, which she eventually used as decorations for the place. Those relics completely set the mood of Arca’s Yard. It gives life to the place and adds a story to tell to every guest who visits.
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To enhance the vibes, Ninja created a menu that caters to the diners’ desires. At first, she sold Camote Pies, which became the specialty of Arca’s Yard. From there, the food choices diversified into different types of comfort Filipino food.
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We tried their Adobo Flakes (Php240) and Lechon Kawali (Php240.00). They are absolutely scrumptious. Both are extremely crunchy, yet still tender and filling. These would be your best choices if you’re looking for piping-hot meals to beat the temperature.
Arcas Yard Lisa David 7831
For dessert, try their Arca’s Docto Pie a la Mode (Php95.00). This is their specialty Camote pie slice topped some delectable and creamy vanilla ice cream. I admit I haven’t tried any other Camote Pie, but this one has definitely raised the bar!
Arcas Yard Lisa David 7890
Last June 2018, Arca’s Yard opened a new branch not far from the main one that leans more towards a modern look, but is still equally aesthetically-pleasing.
This branch is called Potenciana Avenue. Like Arca’s Yard, it’s filled with art set against a white minimalist backdrop. Its simplicity matches the serenity of the area, overlooking the pines trees. It has three levels, all of which you can occupy as you please; just pick a spot where you feel the most comfortable.
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On the lower ground floor, you can find an erotica gallery that feels more like a cabin with its nature-retreat vibes.
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The ground floor exemplifies fine-dining in the mountainside. The white overalls, elegant tables, luxurious cutlery, and silky-smooth drapes make for one fancy dinner for you and your loved ones.
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The second floor is where the attic is. The area is triangular-shaped, almost like a tent lodged on a mansion. This level is the most comfortable as it has rugs, sofas, and even beds for the guests to make themselves feel right at home.
The food served here is different compared to the main branch of Arca’s Yard; they serve an upscale menu to match its overall personality.
They have a scrumptious salmon meal (Php440) that you should try. It’s buttery and has a sweet glaze to it, which elevates the salmon experience.
For dessert, you will not be disappointed by their Mango Crème (Php120). It’s as delicious as it looks! You’ll probably order another serving; that’s how good it is.
There are many cafes in Baguio; but if you’re looking for a cozy place with guaranteed good food, Arca’s Yard is the place to be.

Arca’s Yard

777 Tiptop, Ambuclao Road, Baguio
Facebook: @arcasyard / @galleriadepotenciana