#APEC: 10 Funny Memes on Internet

If there’s one thing Filipinos are known for, it is our ability to keep a smile on our face amidst trials. Furthermore, we can brush things off easily, as we remain faithful and hopeful that our country will flourish in time.

In fact, even after the horrendous traffic reports and images shared online, netizens definitely found a way to make this five-day leadership summit a funny and interesting one – by creating viral #APECfail (epic fail) and #APECtado (affected) memes!

10 Hilarious #APEC Memes Circulating Online

10. Netizens created a meme about the government’s ‘Daang Matuwid’

APEC fail meme

Funny but true. People had to walk since they couldn’t find any available public transportation.

Photo: Dany Pata (GMA News Online)


APECfail meme 2


apecfail meme 3


APECfail meme


APECfail memes


APECfail Meme


Apec fail meme


apec fail meme

Call center agents (and other workers) probably had a hard time going to and from work.


apec fail meme


APECfail memes

Photo by Carlo De Castro

This year’s theme is about “Building Inclusive Economies, Building a Better World”, and the said summit will last until the end of the week, November 20, 2015. So, brace yourselves, and be prepared for a walkathon!

So, what is the funniest, yet truthful meme for you? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!


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