WATCH: #APECtado Motorists Expressed Their Distress in Traffic by Simultaneously Honking

Just when we thought we already got used to the traffic in the Philippines, yesterday’s first day of APEC Summit was unbelievably horrendous. Motorists, including us, were trapped along Coastal Road to the whole stretch of Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard. We were on the road for almost 6 hours and we had witnessed APECtado (affected) motorists because of the said five-day event.

APEC motorists in macapagal

This was the situation at around 2:20 PM.
We stayed stagnant for almost an hour and a half  before we got stuck again for another one hour in front of the City Of Dreams.

APEC macapagal

Taken at around 4:30 PM. Since Baclaran is closed, all PUVs used Macapagal road.

macapagal apec accidentApart from the traffic jam, there was also an accident between a motorcycle and a bus. According to the motorcycle driver, he quickly got up after being hit by the bus, while the bus allegedly continued driving, which ended up having his bike under the bus.

Unfortunately, it was traffic everywhere and we didn’t know what to do anymore.

macapagal road

Taken at around 6:44 PM.

Due to the severity of the traffic, motorists were pissed and had shown so much distress by simultaneously honking while the delegates pass by their “exclusive” lane.

Watch how motorists ‘welcome’ the APEC leaders/delegates.

This video was shared by John Paul Suba. According to him, this was in Pasay Rotonda at around 8: 30 PM.

Furthermore, on our way home (at around 10:45 pm) we saw people, desperately walking from Mall Of Asia to Macapagal. Others came from Macapagal to Coastal Mall terminal. Basically, we saw everyone coming from every direction, with one goal in mind: TO ARRIVE SAFELY AT HOME OR WORK.

To top it off, it was drizzling.

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