Apartel “Is it Hip?” Music Video Launch: One of the Most Elaborate Music Videos Ever Shot in the Country


Apartel, a new super-group formed by legendary Eraserheads front man and songwriter Ely Buendia, alongside co-conspirator and founder,  Gnash/DRT front-man, and songwriter Jay Ortega has just launched their first ever single entitled “Is It Hip?.”


The single is currently doing very well on Jam 88.3 radio station charts, and is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal, Apple Music, and Spotify for download all over 241 countries across the globe. The single has reached #3 for 2 straight weeks on the 50 Most Viral on Spotify, and has ranked at #146 on the iTunes Soul & RnB charts and is slowly garnering worldwide recognition.


The band is now on post-editing for the music video of the aforementioned single “is It Hip?” with acclaimed director Marie Jamora at the helm – The video is a pioneering one, as this is shot like a short film, and claims to be one of, if not the most expensive and elaborate music videos ever shot in the country. The music vid launch, full album launch and press-con will happen Sept 17th.

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