Antojos Restaurante: Serving Classic Filipino Dishes with a Modern Twist

 Antojos Restaurante: Serving Classic Filipino Dishes with a Modern Twist


Antojos Restaurante

A relatively new restaurant that has been making the rounds since it opened its beautifully crafted wooden doors to the public, with features on TV shows and visits from various personalities, Antojos Restaurante presents the perfect example of what it’s like to dine in comfort, elegance and modernity.

Like treasure once stowed away and finally rediscovered, the antique abode that houses Antojos Restaurante came back looking like it was never affected by time. The restaurant has a traditional look that is uniquely Filipino and somehow manages to tastefully add slight reminders of 21st century comfort and modernity.

Antojos Restaurante

The moment you set your eyes upon the entrance, you will be greeted by the intricately designed front doors and a smiling statue of Buddha. The house itself is really fascinating and the devil really is in the detail, for each decorative piece adds an old- fashioned charm to the already elegant look of the place. From the high ceilings to the colorful stained glass windows, there will always be something that your eyes can feast upon.

Antojos Restaurante

One of the the first things that you will see the moment you lift the curtain that veils the beauty within, is a bar which holds glasses of different shapes and sizes, as well as rows of wine bottles.  

Antojos (3)

The artful fusion of the rustic and modern elements of Antojos Restaurante


Antojos, which means craving, aims to be the place where you would want to go to after a particularly long day. It offers a sanctuary to busy city dwellers who are just looking for a quiet and comfortable place to eat and take a much deserved break. Staying true to its vision, it does have the ability to take you back in time as you enjoy the unique twists on Filipino dishes prepared by the young visionary and owner, Anton Amoncio.


Antojos RestauranteThe stained- glass windows add vibrancy and a sense of intimacy as the light gives a slight touch of color to the wooden table

Antojos Restaurante

The elaborate details of the ceiling and wooden pillars


The house doesn’t just serve as a venue for the restaurant, it is also one of the main inspirations behind the menu. The menu consists of a line of dishes that would surely bring comfort to Filipino food lovers. Although the food intends to make you remember those days spent in Lolo and Lola’s house, it still manages to add its own modern flair to the experience and makes it uniquely Antojos’.

Antojos RestauranteA touch of 21st century modernity: See the details of each dish with an Android tablet


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