Ang Mo Kio – Singaporean Hawker Cuisine at its Finest!

Ang Mo Kio

Ang Mo Kio – Podium


When in Manila, there are a lot of places that claim to have the best Singapore food in town, but Ang Mo Kio trumps them all. Named after an old district in Singapore, Ang Mo Kio is located at the Podium mall and has been serving the best and authentic Singaporean cuisine you’ll find in the Metro.


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We met up with Ritchie Baldonado, the owner of Ang Mo Kio, to talk about how Ang Mo Kio came about. He told us that after his 8 year stay in Singapore, he and his family started to miss the Singaporean cuisine. Ritchie said that the restaurants in the country weren’t doing much to satisfy his craving, so he did the next best thing: create a restaurant that can cater to his needs as well as others. Ang Mo Kio, which was established last January of 2012, is his first restaurant venture and it’s still going strong.


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When one eats at Ang Mo Kio, they are surrounded by visions of Singapore. The murals inside the restaurant show the Singapore Hakwer Cuisine and other key locations of Singapore such as the Merlion. The tables and chairs also add to the Singapore street food feel with its wooden features and appearance.


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Rotti Prata – So addicting, it’s a sin NOT to try it out!


We were given the Rotti Prata w/ Indian Curry Sauce to start things off and boy did it start it off with a ‘bang’! The Rotti was so soft, buttery, yet the parts of it still had a crunchy taste to it. In the past, if I had a rotti craving I’d go to a certain restaurant. However, after trying Ang Mo Kio’s Rotti…I think I know just where to go next time for my Rotti fix. I’m may not be a legitimate food critic but I tell you this, Ang Mo Kio’s Rotti bread is one of the best Rottis I’ve ever tasted in my life. That’s not an overstatement, folks.


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 Chicken Satay


The Chicken Satay w/ Peanut Sauce had a distinct honor of being another delicious item from Ang Mo Kio’s menu. Compared to the Chicken Satays I’ve eaten in the past, this one doesn’t have much ‘sauce’ on it if you have yet to apply the peanut sauce. So when you eat it as it is, there’s that crisp grilled chicken taste that everybody loves. However, when you mix it with the peanut sauce, it’s like you’ve reached ‘Chicken Satay Heaven’. This is a definite dish to order at Ang Mo Kio.


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Prawn Pasted Chicken Wings 


Their Prawn Pasted Chicken Wings was very interesting. If you didn’t know the name of this one, you’d think it was blue cheese pasted chicken wings. I think the prawn paste tasted so good that it transformed into a blue cheese-like taste on the chicken wings.


ang-mo-kio-podium-when-in-manila (8) The best Laksa in Manila, only in Ang Mo Kio!


Now, the Laksa, is one of Ang Mo Kio’s most touted food. In fact, a certain TV chef said this is the best Laksa in Manila. After I tried it, I couldn’t agree more. It’s a dish that has a nice combination of spicy and creamy (Yes, it can happen). It’s definitely one of those dishes you need to try at Ang Mo Kio.


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Hainanese Chicken…and don’t forget its three companions


The Hainanese Chicken, one of Ang Mo Kio’s best selling dish, was next on the food itinerary that night. The dish had both the steamed and roasted chicken to give us a variety of tastes. With the order came a hefty serving of the rice and soup. Now the rice was so flavorful that I think I got addicted to it at first bite. Both types of chicken tasted so good and were all meaty and tender at their own right. After enjoying both types of the Hainanese Chicken, all doubts were erased as to why this is a very fast selling dish at Ang Mo Kio.


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Red Bean and Green Tea Ice Cream




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Mango Sago


The night was capped off when we got to eat such delectable desserts like the Mango Sago and the Red Bean Green Tea Ice Cream. Both of them were heavenly in their own special way. My food trip to Ang Mo Kio felt like I was back in Singapore again, eating that delicious Hainanese Chicken at Newton Circle. If you ask me if I’ll return to this place, I’d say ‘heck yes’. From the Rotti to the Chicken, I’m definitely going back to sample them again.


When in Manila and you’re looking for the most authentic Singaporean Hawker cuisine; drop on by at Ang Mo Kio. I’m pretty sure if you’re craving for some Singaporean Street Food would be satisfied. I’d like to give a shout out to Mr. Ritchie and say ‘thanks’ for inviting us at his fine establishment.


WIM Photos by: JoTan23

Ang Mo Kio Menu: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.504913586254817.1073741843.312135442199300&type=1





Address: The Podium, 3rd Level, 12 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/angmokiofood

Contact No: (02)696-7025

E-Mail: info@angmokiofood.com


Ang Mo Kio – Singaporean Hawker Cuisine at its Finest!