Andrea Brillantes Answers Basher Criticizing Her for Making the First Move

Andrea Brillantes isn’t going to let a hater online rain on her parade, not after she just got noticed by Blackpink during their Manila concert.

Andrea instantly became the talk of the town following her Star Magic promposal to boyfriend Ricci Rivero which the Blackpink girls read out loud onstage last March 26, 2023 at the Philippine Arena. “I just wanna ask Ricci Rivero will you go to prom with Andrea?” the sign said.

“Please go to prom with that girl!” Rosè told Ricci in the audience.

Ricci then said yes, delighting Andrea and the girl group.

andrea brillantes ricci rivero 2

Though it was such a sweet moment, there are plenty of people who weren’t as impressed by what she did.

One netizen, in particular, jumped into the comments section of Andrea’s Facebook post about the experience to sarcastically remark about how she made the first move. “Baliktad na pala ngayon panahon. Babae na nagyaya (It seems that the tables have turned these days. It’s the woman who is asking the guy out),” the comment read.

Andrea wasted no time to reply to the basher. “It’s for Star Magic Prom so yes, ako po talaga dapat dahil ako po yung artist ng Star Magic,” she said. “Also, it’s high time we stop shaming girls for making the first move even on other instances.”

The comment has since been deleted but was reposted by the Senyora Facebook Page, as seen below:

andrea brillantes promposal

Andrea’s sister also came to her defense on social media after plenty of netizens spoke negatively about her promposal.

“Yes, yun naman talaga point. Fan talaga ang kapatid ko, masama ba kung nag try siya mag papansin sa idols niya?” Her sister then said that Andrea, just like everyone else, wanted to be noticed by her idols and even went through the proper queueing procedures just to enter the venue without using her celebrity status. Her sister also reiterated that Andrea just wanted her first prom to be memorable.

“Nagpa print siya ng 6 na banners (both in korean & in English) to do a promposal for her VERY FIRST PROM,” she added. “Artista siya yes, pero hindi ibig sabihin non eh bawal na siyang umasta na parang normal na tao. If ‘normal fan’ yan, y’all would saying ‘cute.'”

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You can watch the promposal in our video below:

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