Amanpulo: It’s Like Living in a Dream

Amanpulo: It’s Like Living in a Dream

While most people only dream of going to Amanpulo, I was actually blessed with the chance to be able to go there. Just an hour away from Manila by chartered plane, you’re transported to a whole new world – a world you never thought existed…



Upon landing on the island, you will be welcomed by the most hospitable staff of Amanpulo: their general manager, your butlers and the lobby staff. On the road to your rooms, staff who see you will smile and wave at you. 


In an instant, you’ll already feel at home…


The island is only 89 hectares and the resort owns the whole thing, so you’ll have the freedom to go around the whole place by driving your own club cart or simply asking your butler to take you around.



You will immediately be in awe of the details of the place, which are very intricate and well thought out – from the architecture to the furniture to the tiny details on display to the showcased artwork.



Even their ceilings are so detailed and impeccable that they had a book written just about the design of the place.



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