Altitude: An Academic Program Towards Higher Understanding of Mathematics


Mathematics or math as most called it is an essential tool in surviving this game we called living. It has become a part of our daily lives. But as we progress further along the path of learning, we try to have a better standing and gain advantage over other participants of this game. We start to encounter the difficult parts of math. From simple counting to basic calculations, it now involves the more complicated processes like algebra or calculus. If you asked a college student what would his worst subject is, it’s likely that he would answer that it’s math. Since time immemorial, mathematics has been the waterloo subject of most students. It has continuously stumped even the brightest minds all over the world.

So in order to give the students an edge, the Adamson University Mathematics Society will be holding a tutorial activity entitled, “Altitude: An Academic Program towards Higher Understanding of Mathematics.” The goal of this event is to assist our fellow classmates who are struggling in their math subjects. These subjects are College Algebra, Trigonometry, Advance Engineering Algebra, Solid Mensuration, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Differential Equations and Math of Investment. And to better cater the needs of the students, some of our fellow students who have a better grasp of the subject will be the one to teach them. Since the teachers are students who are already finished with that subject or currently taking it, they will be able to impart the necessary knowledge and tricks involved in solving problems based on their own experience.

So if you want to achieve success, come on down and attend Altitude. And even if you are already confident, it is still going to be worth it to learn the techniques and tricks that will be taught. You never know, that trick might just be able to help you further your own knowledge.


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