ALO Audio “The International” portable audiophile DAC and amp

When In Manila, ALO audio brings out a new offering to its audiophile line-up. Having huge similarities to the ALO audio The National, the ALO audio The International gets the 24bit/92khz USB DAC capabilities along with balanced inputs and outputs.




Build: I’ll be skipping the packaging section of the ALO audio The International since ALO audio has been keeping it’s packaging constant. It’s the same minimalist black box which is beautifully designed in vintage fonts, always have liked this over others. Moving to the ALO audio The International’s build; it retains fairly the similar footprint as the ALO audio National except that the International is around 30% shorter. Only additions to the design would be the USB input for the DAC section, as well as the balanced inputs and outputs.




Sound Quality: Being somewhat very familiar to the ALO audio The National, I somehow expected the International to illustrate the same sound quality. First thing I noticed with the ALO audio The International against the National was the bass. It had much much better depth, body and control. I felt the bass of the National to be a little lacking for my taste which the International finally corrected. Overall, what I can say about the International’s sound signature is tight and quick.  The midrange isn’t as lush and bodied as the ALO audio the Continental V2, but still has a good edge above the National.




Running the International using the DAC was something different on my experience though. A big improvement on the mid-range body revealed itself and bass slam had better power. I really loved using the DAC paired with my Unique Melody Miracle. I can probably say that the International was the perfect DAC/amp that I have been seeking for my Unique Melody Miracle. A bump on the mids and cleaned out bass and bass depth was perfect. The huge soundstage of the Unique Melody Miracle and the forward soundstage and bass depth of the International was a perfect compliment, it balanced out the entire spectrum. Something to note on the ALO audio The International though that I have experienced from multiple tests I have done, the International somehow fits better somewhere in-between high end in-ear monitors and mid-end headphones. Power hungry cans will definitely sound lacking.


Overall, the ALO audio The International fits the bill as the versatile DAC/amp that does everything, jack of all trades in better terms. Having a very small foot-print, balanced inputs and outputs, DAC capabilities, this amp is the go to amp you’d need that can do most of what is demanded.



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ALO Audio “The International” portable audiophile DAC and amp