Almost Gourmet Food Service: Gourmet food delivered to your door step!


When in Manila and too lazy to cook or to go out for food, why not have delicious and affordable meals delivered to your door step via Almost Gourmet Food Service (ALGO)!

Almost Gourmet Food Service (ALGO) is a home-based business specializing in meal packs and party trays. Their menu consists of Italian, Japanese, and Filipino dishes that are not only delicious but also nutritious and budget- friendly.


I tell you, nothing beats coming home to yummy food after a tiring day at school or work, so you can only imagine how delighted I was when I came home to this:





Joyce Romualdez, owner and founder of ALGO, was kind enough to send me not just one, but 5 ALGO solo meal packs to devour!





ALGO SOLO Meal Packs are gourmet meals served in microwavable and reusable containers. The menu varies from week to week. However, from Monday to Friday, there is always a pasta/noodle dish, a salad and two main dishes. Pasta dishes are served with garlic wheat bread while main dishes are usually served with buttered veggies and your choice of white rice, brown rice, garlic rice or mashed potatoes.






This week, I was given the ff: Creamy Salmon Pasta, Chicken Potato Salad, Mongo Beans with Lechon Kawali bits, Chicken Relleno with Mashed Potatoes and Baked Spinach Lasagna. Now, don’t think I went all-out and ate all the meals in one sitting, though I initially did take a bite of each dish. I settled with eating the Creamy Salmon Pasta and kept the rest for another day (which kind of emphasizes how handy these dishes in microwavable containers are: when hungry, all you have to do is pop them into the microwave, and voila! A ridiculously delicious meal in no time! Very convenient for people who can’t cook, like me).


Over the past few days, I was able to eat them all, and honestly, I now understand why they call themselves “Almost Gourmet“! Their food was well- seasoned, was still bursting with flavor after a day or two in the fridge and is truly at par with dishes cooked in a fancy restaurant. I won’t lie though, although most of the dishes were good, I wasn’t really looking forward to the mongo beans with lechon kawali bits as I’ve never been (and never will be) a fan of mongo beans and lechon kawali  *cue gasps*. However, thank goodness I have relatives who were willing to take it upon themselves to help me out and had no problem finishing the food, haha!


Anyways, apart from solo meal packs, there are also ALGO SALO Party Trays which comprise of party food served in disposable aluminum trays. These trays are perfect for parties, other special occasions or simply for families who have big, big, appetites!






So, When In Manila and too lazy to go out for gourmet food, fret not and have gourmet food brought to you thanks to Almost Gourmet Food Services (ALGO)!

Almost Gourmet Food Services


Tel Nos.: 0917.810.0110 | 964.4029



Almost Gourmet Food Service: Gourmet food delivered to your door step!