Why You Should Watch “Alice in Borderland”, According to Kento Yamazaki

Alice in Borderland is one of the most incredible Japanese hits to stream on Netflix within the past few years – and if you haven’t watched it yet, where have you been?!?? Season 2 has already ended but if you’re still stuck wondering whether you should get on the Borderland bandwagon or not, the answer is a resounding “yes”.

Alice in Borderland Interview With Kento Yamazaki

We got to interview the star of the series, Kento Yamazaki, when we were in Tokyo recently; and he had quite a few things to say on why you should start watching it now if you haven’t yet.

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Why You Should Watch Alice in Borderland

The first reason why you should watch Alice in Borderland, according to Kento, is because of how accessible and relatable it is. “It is something that started in contemporary Japan so it happens in our everyday life.”

Secondly, it toys with the element of gaming and is therefore a visual feast. “When we stumble into Borderland, we encounter a very strange world,” Kento admits. “However, when you look at this story visually, it’s very enjoyable. I really believe there are many aspects of it that you can enjoy.” He points out one scene from Season 1, in particular, where he and his friends are at a scrambled Shibuya intersection, run into a bathroom, and come out to an unmanned Shibuya without any people around. “It is quite a sight to see because it’s usually bustling with people all the time,” he raves. “This is that kind of quality that we’re bringing to you with a story that’s staged in Japan; so visually, I think it’s going to be very impactful.”

It isn’t just fun and games, either, though. As Kento points out, “As you are enjoying this, it poses very deep questions such as, ‘What is it to live?’ I think it’s a story that will be accessible and enjoyable for any kind of person.” That aside, the contents of the games are actually really a matter of life and death for the players. “This might be a little frightful for some viewers,” Kento realizes, “but the stakes do have to be high in these games and that makes it that much more interesting. I think you can enjoy it from that vantage point as well.”

In a nutshell, Alice in Borderland is so much more than just a piece of entertainment. “You can enjoy it in that way but you can also wonder what you would do if you stumble into Borderland yourself,” Kento says. “It really turns your imagination, I think.”

Start watching Alice in Borderland on Netflix now.

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