Alex Gonzaga Is The Perfect Example Of Third Wheel Blues

Let’s face it: Alex Gonzaga is every third wheel-zoned little sister’s kindred spirit.

Whoever here has experienced being the forever single sister tagging along a happily in-love older (or heck, even younger!) sister, caught in awkward poses while photobombing a sentimental couple photo?

Alex Gonzaga third wheel Toni Gonzaga Paul Soriano

In her recent trip to the US for the holidays, Alex Gonzaga demonstrated this exactly in a series of hilarious photos with newly-wed ate Toni and Direk Paul Soriano!

Here they are, enjoying a romantic dinner at Chef Bobby Flay’s Bar Americain…

And here she is scrambling for a partner for the New Year countdown (take a look at the far right!)…

New year countdown!!!! (Yes si Chloe nalang partner ko)

A photo posted by Alex Gonzaga (@cathygonzaga) on

Who needs a couple photo when you can have a trio photo?! Alex clearly belongs in the back, in this adorable photo…  

…and here is Alex’s obligatory third wheel “balang araw magkaka-jowa rin ako” pose.

Sige gawin niyo lang ako third wheel pero tandaan nyo… Balang araw…… A photo posted by Alex Gonzaga (@cathygonzaga) on

Pretty hilarious!! Don’t worry Alex, your hordes of Pinoy fans LOVE you and your wacky antics.

What can you say about Alex’s photos?? Can you relate?? Tag a friend who’s a dakilang third wheel!!


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