“Aldub Pabobo Gang” Avoids Being Seen on Camera Together then Steals Purse at Cafe

A well practiced duo is caught on camera stealing a purse at a cafe in Pasig. They were in and out in less than 5 minutes.

The very upset owner of the bag got the CCTV footage and named the duo: the “Aldub Pabobo Gang” since they clearly tried their best to not be seen together on camera…… just like the current Aldub sensation.

 “Aldub Pabobo Gang” Avoids Being Seen on Camera Together then Steals Purse at Cafe

Here’s some other info you need to know to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your belongings in the future:

  • that these guys are professional (in and out in 5 mins, looks decent), Targeted attack
  • people should be really mindful of their stuff
  • and in case (hopefully not) happens to them or a person they know, have a presence of mind to the following
    • call your banks to cancel your cards and ATM (try to remember your last valid transaction and call out if there are transaction after that which you can’t recall.)
    •  change all your passwords (emails, socials, other sites)
    •  lock the device using iCloud (for apple devices), or Android Manager (for android), however you should have enabled this apps or services prior. you can track your devices using these apps, provided you have enabled data services to your device. Also invoke security wipe / erase your device remotely to protect your data on your phone.
    •  call your network operator to report of the theft, esp if you have IDs there. Culprit might do some modification to your account , they can easily do that since they have your IDs.
  •  report the incident nearest precinct
  •  try to get a copy of the CCTV from the establishment, but prepare a letter of request to make it official, then give it to the police.
  •  apply for replacements of your IDs –> prepare an affidavit of loss, have it notarized and go the respective government office for the replacement process

Please help find these two low-lives who ruin humanity. Any information you might have can be helpful, comment below.

Please share this video so that others can be aware and to try to find these scumbags. Also, share this with people you care about to warn them and keep them aware.

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