Alcohol By Volume: An Education on Booze

Bartending exudes a certain allure that makes just about anyone want to know how to make drinks. Maybe it’s the fault of films for implying the effortless coolness in making drinks that rarely fails to get anyone talking; but for what it’s worth, there truly is a satisfaction in knowing that you can hold your drink and make it, as well.

ABV Masterclass_1
This is where ABV’s classes come in.

Classes at ABV or Alcohol by Volume, the speakeasy cocktail bar along Jupiter in Makati and one of Asia’s 50 Best Bars, are designed to teach you more about your favorite drinks and how to properly make them yourself.

ABV Masterclass_4
There are currently two classes available on weekends  the Fundamentals of Craft Cocktails: Shaken and Stirred Drinks class, where you get to learn how to properly and perfectly make Negroni and Whiskey Sour; and the Fundamentals of Craft Cocktails: Built and Muddled Drinks, which is for folks who prefer mojitos and Moscow mules.

ABV Masterclass_3Bartending genius and ABV’s General Manager Ken Bandivas

More classes – booze-specific and advanced ones – will be offered soon, so there’s always a reason to go. Students are generally booze enthusiasts and bartending pros, but prior knowledge isn’t at all required to join or enjoy the classes taught by 2015 Diageo World Class Bartender of the Year and Alcohol By Volume‘s General Manager, Ken Bandivas.

“A masterclass is structured in a way where we teach different classes that tackle specific topics. We focus on the core idea and basics. We give high importance on pre-prohibition cocktails and general information on different liqueurs,” he says.

ABV Masterclass_2
Ken generally keeps the classes laid-back and starts by getting attendees familiarized with the drinks. Later, everyone gets to apply what they know and make their own signature drinks.

ABV Masterclass_5
Now, it might seem awkward to go alone, so bringing some friends won’t hurt. Then again, it’s okay to just wait after trying the first drink and let the booze do its job and get everyone comfortable. Also, remember to eat something before the class. Alcohol By Volume‘s classes run for around two hours and you wouldn’t want to be the first to get buzzed and pass out.

Alcohol By Volume Masterclass

Basement Floor, 22 Jupiter Street corner Galaxy Street, Bel-Air, Makati City

(02) 832-5330



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