Achieve Brighter and Flawless Skin Instantly With This Dark Spot Corrector

While we all look forward to cooler days and festive lights, getting caught up in late-night parties, work commitments, and all those extra sugary treats may not always be the best thing to happen to our skin. Excess glucose, stress, smoke, and poor lifestyle habits trigger glycation – a chemical reaction where sugar molecules bind to protein or fat in the body.

This process forms “AGEs,” (advanced glycation end products) which leave your skin rough, brittle, lifeless, and pigmented. Along with dark spots and loss of elasticity, that yellowish-brown tone caused by AGEs makes the skin lose its luminosity and youthful appearance. 

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While prevention is still key, skin experts and dermatologists recommend introducing skin-friendly yet effective anti-aging, free-radical-busting, anti-inflammatory ingredients in your daily care routine.

Clinique Even Better Clinical Radical Dark Spot Corrector + Interrupter is formulated with a CL302 Brightening Complex that’s powered by the most potent actives such as Vitamin C, Green Tea, Salicylic Acid and a proprietary UP302 molecule to visibly amp up natural radiance in as little as 7 days.

Get Bright Skin From Within 

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Before melanin deep within the skin’s surface develops into a dark spot, it undergoes a series of steps. Even Better Clinical Interrupter (EBCI) treats hyperpigmentation with a multi-pronged approach that disrupts glycation and targets melanin overproduction. Clinique’s star ingredient UP302 is specially bioengineered to target melanin from the source, so dark spots don’t recur even with sun exposure. Infused with Vitamin C and Guyokuro (the highest grade and most prized Japanese green tea), this serum is loaded with antioxidants to block free radicals that cause further damage to skin.

Inspired by Nature, Perfected by Science 

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Clinique’s targeted brightening molecule is a breakthrough in bioengineering that took over ten years of research and screening through thousands of botanicals. The decade-long search brought them to an ancient wound-healing herb with immense lightening power. Concentrated 50,000 times to yield a powerful plant active, UP302 corrects uneven pigmentation and improves radiance. Along with gentle exfoliants such as salicylic acid, the skin gets a more even-toned look with lighter and less visible spots. 

One Serum. Double Action Brilliance 

According to Dr. Tom Mammone, VP of Global Skin Physiology & Pharmacology of Estee Lauder Companies, glycation accumulates over time and its negative effects accelerate with age. “It’s never too early to start treating. It affects all skin types and tones. The antioxidant content in EBCI helps break the cycle and its CL302 Complex visibly brightens and reduces sallowness in the skin.” 

Clinique backs up their claims with some serious numbers as the celebrated beauty brand reveals how clinical and consumer testing proves just why EBCI is their number one selling serum. Studies on Asian women showed a reduction by 39% of dark spots, 81% less sallowness, and a 44% increase in brightness, all within a 12-week period. 

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Of course, all that potency can lead to worries of the product being all too harsh on sensitive skin. Clinique Global VP of Product Development Ida Wong assures that high performance ingredients are calibrated in a way that’s very effective while being gentle and hydrating to skin at the same time. “Soothing Gyokuro helps keep calm skin, preventing the future formation of dark spots due to irritation. EBCI is suitable for sensitive, allergy-prone skin. Its paraben free, fragrance-free and non-drying formula is gentle for twice a day use and layers beautifully under a UV base to prevent the emergence of future dark spots.” 

This holiday, keep things glowing and bright with the Even Better Clinical Radical Dark Spot Corrector + Interrupter. Pair it up with theEven Better Brightening Essence Lotion and Even Better City Block Brightening Aqua Gel + Anti Pollution Primer SPF45/PA+++ to get more hydration and protection throughout the festive season. 

Available Clinique stores and at Clinique’s Official Lazada Flagship Store: https://elcphl.com/CliniqueLaz.