Acacia Hotel: The Monster House (A Halloween Party) + CONTEST!

When in Manila and you want to have a spooky and fun Halloween experience, head on over to Acacia Hotel in Alabang!








Last October 31 me and my son were invited to experience Halloween at Acacia Hotel in Alabang.




It was a fun-filled day both for me and my kid as there were LOTS of activities, games and programs prepared for the young and the young at heart!








Loot Bags filled with candies and treats!




The room was filled and was wonderfully designed for the halloween season!




As I mentioned, there were different activities and program which everyone enjoyed for the day:




Design your own JELLY!




Candies you can use/put to design your jelly




Having fun making my son’s jelly




Entrance to the mini horror house




Life-sized Angry Birds game!




After all the fun activities, Acacia served us with a variety of delicious buffet-styled food!








Fish Fillet YUM!








Mini Pizzas







Dessert Table




Yummy Cupcakes!




Halloween-themed Treats




Happy Halloween!





Take a peek at my meal:





My Cheesy Macaroni Pasta




Mini Burger




And ofcourse my dessert plate!




After we ate our super heavy snacks, these cute mascots and “light” dancers wow-ed us with their performance:





Mascots from Pixie Forest




  Dancing to the beat of Gangnam Style!




All the lights were off and we can only see the dancers!











After the games, the activities, the food and entertainment it was time for the cute little monsters to show off their costumes for the costume contest!




My Cookie Dough!








Snow White and her apple!




Buzzzzin’ Bee!







Cute kids on stage!




Arrrr!! I’m a Pirate!








Harry Potter?




After the kids presented their costumes, we were grouped into several batches and we headed to the different “horror rooms” wherein we collected candies in our little baskets.




The “monsters” inside each room gave us a fright as we pass by, but kuddos to the design team of Acacia for a lovely setup!




After we filled our bags with treats, it was time to announce the winners of the costume contest! I believe the prize was an overnight stay at their hotel! Wow!




And the winners are…




For the Boys: CARS!




For the Girls




All in all it was a very fun afternoon for the kids and the parents as well! Everyone went home with a smile on their faces, a full stomach and a bag full of goodies!




So next time you’re in Manila and its Halloween (or not), you should drop by at Acacia Hotel in Alabang!





And since I want you guys to experience and see Acacia Hotel, I’m giving away 3 pairs of Buffet (lunch/dinner) vouchers to When in Manila Readers!




Just follow these easy steps:

1. Follow When in Manila on twitter

2. Follow Acacia Hotel on twitter

3. Tweet the reason why you should win a pair of buffet vouchers and tag @danielk8y @AcaciaHotels and @WhenInManila with hashtag #Dine@Acacia


EX: I want to take my mom on a date at Acacia! @danielk8y @AcaciaHotels @WhenInManila #Dine@Acacia




The 3 best and most convincing answers will win a pair of lunch/dinner buffet vouchers from Acacia! I’ll pick the winners by next week (Friday, Nov.16)!


Can’t wait to see your entries!





Checkout Acacia Hotel:

Acacia Hotel (website)

Acacia Hotel (facebook)







Acacia Hotel: The Monster House (A Halloween Party) + CONTEST!























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