Absolute Zen: Enjoy the BEST De-Stressing Spa Treatment at Neo Day Spa in BGC!


Neo Day Spa at BGC

When in Manila and have been slaving away each day at work, it is only right to cap off the busy work week with a great pampering session at one of the best spas in the metro – Neo Day Spa! A busybody like you need no better reason other than you’ve been working five days straight, so go ahead and indulge! That’s exactly what we did recently at Neo Day Spa’s BGC branch, and let me tell you, it was absolutely worth it.



Obsessed wih Neo Day Spa’s minimal and ultra-zen interiors

For our weekend spa day, we chose Neo Spa’s best-selling Zen spa treatments. This was composed of a 60-minute body scrub treatment, followed by a 20-minute dry (no oil) massage and 60 minutes of Neo Spa’s signature Zen full-body aromatherapy massage.


Steaming hot lemongrass tea while I wait for my treatment.


Love that they have a hot tea bar!

And now, for the fun part! I had quite a hard time choosing which type of body scrub and massage oil to use for my treatments, as their massage oils and body scrubs all smell soooooo good! Each scent was unique and affected the senses in its own special way.


Neo Day Spa’s selection of body scrubs and massage oils

For my body scrub, I went with an unconventional choice: Wasabi! I absolutely loved the scent of this – not too overpowering and smelled very natural, like a rainforest, actually. The moment the scent hit my nostrils, I was instantly blissed out! What I particularly love about Neo Spa’s body scrub treatment is that it doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry like other treatments I’ve tried. Their body scrubs are soaked in essential oils and warmed before application; this has a very soothing effect on the skin. Loved every minute of it!


Wood, Earth, Metal, Fire, and Water

Their massage oils, named after the five elements, are created from a distinct blend of essential oils and are each made for a particular health benefit:

  • WOOD (Neroli and Green Tea)

Has antioxidants, uplifting and de-stressing

  • WATER (Moringa and Eucalyptus)

Healing, anti-inflammatory, strengthens immune system

  • METAL (Apricot and Peppermint)

Good for muscle aches, reduces inflammation

  • FIRE (Cocoa Butter, Coconut)

Warming, relaxing and moisturizing

I opted going with METAL for my massage oil, just because I loved its subtle yet relaxing earthy scent. I honestly don’t mind going back to try out each and every one of them though!


The path to ultimate relaxation!


As expected, Neo Spa’s signature Zen aromatherapy massage did not at all disappoint. Their massage therapists know exactly what they’re doing, applying just the right amount of pressure with each soothing stroke (I didn’t even have to ask them to increase/lessen pressure), and doing so with utmost care. I really did feel the treatment’s soothing yet invigorating effects! Neo Day Spa consistently offers highly skilled services and indulgent treatments, matched with the best oils and products. Pair that with chic interiors and excellent-quality facilities, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate zen pampering experience to relax the mind and body. Now, this is a spa trip definitely worth taking!

Neo Day Spa

G/F Net One Center Building, 26th Street corner 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City

For more information, visit: http://www.neospa.net/


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