Ababu Persian Kitchen / Middle Eastern Food in Manila

Where I’m from, in San Diego, California, you usually go for some Mexican food when you need to feed an insatiable hunger. It’s also the best cure for hangovers and for late night after-party tummy growls. But here in Manila Philippines, you never go wrong with some Persian food!

Ababu Persian Kitchen is one of those hole-in-the-wall type places that starts to feel like home. I had my good friends Nico from 27+20 design boutique (https://2720.tv) and Katwo, vocalist from the band “Duster.”

Ababu with Nico of 27+20 & Katwo of the band Duster ready for shawarmas and kebabs

Anywayz, here’s the thing, we totally wronged you guys by not showing more footage of the food once we got it. Sorry… we were all starving and it smelled soooo good while they were making it and then it came and we just stopped filming and started eating… damnit, Harold!

Ababu mediterranean cuisine restaurant middle eastern persian food yum WhenInManila.com Manila Philippines

As I was saying, we wronged you by not showing you how MUCH food they served us on one big plate! Best of all was that all that was just about 100 Pesos! So we got this plate full of buttered rice, tomatoes, onions, veggies, and loads of meat, for about P100. OMG!!!

Have I said OMG yet? Coz, like, OMG!

MEAT! Ababu Persian Kitchen in Quezon City QC Manila Philippines WhenInManila.com

Ababu Persian Kitchen menu prices for cheap food wheninmanila.com philippines

So yeah, Ababu Persian Kitchen in Quezon City (QC) is definitely one for the hungry, broke and fabulous. Other than the awesome and tasty main courses, do also try out their Crispy Mocha Ice Cream! I tell you… that was one unsuspectingly good dessert. We were all just sort of looking around the table wondering why it was sooo good. It felt so wrong but it tasted so good. Definitely recommend it, Crispy Mocha Ice Cream, GET IT! I swear, those four words will change your life…. Crispy-Mocha-Ice-Cream.

Ababu Middle Eastern Yummy Food Crunchy Mocha Ice Cream dessert for sale When In Manila restaurants

Ababu Persian Kitchen Crunchy Mocha Ice Cream Desserts WhenInManila.com

Mmmmmmm…. crispy mocha ice cream…

Oh… where was I…. oh yes. Next time, When In Manila, be sure to have some very affordable kebabs and shawarmas at Ababu Persian Kitchen. Oh and did I mention the Crispy Mocha Ice Cream?


Name of venue: Ababu Persian Kitchen

Address: 75 Xavierville Ave. Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Phone Number: +632 436-0000

Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/Ababu-Persian-Kitchen-134468505331/

Hours of Operation:

Sunday to Saturday: 11:00 am – 4:00 am

Price Range: PHP 40.00 – PHP 160.00

Cuisine: Persian/Mediterranean food

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