A Positive Perspective on Traffic: “Buti na Lang Traffic!”


Sometimes, you have to see the good in bad. Silver lining, as they say.

In Metro Manila, one of our daily struggles is going to and from one place to another. Be it work, school, a meeting, to hangout with some people, it really doesn’t matter. The thing is a 15-minute drive turns to a two-hour crawl, more often than not.

So, oftentimes, especially when we’re stuck in a jam, we hate traffic.

But this story is not about hating traffic. Like what I said, it’s about seeing the good in bad.

Jason Magbanua, a renowned wedding videographer, posted a nice story about his recent experience getting stuck in EDSA traffic. Here it goes.

Jason Magbanua buti na lang traffic

I can write a thousand and one reasons to abhor traffic in the city but this is a refreshing look, a beam of positivity even when you’re stuck in a sluggish crawl.

Care to share your good experiences when stuck on Metro Manila roads?

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