A Perfect Treat for Summer: Caramel Apples by The Bad Apple

As they say: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” but with these baddies, you might end up having more than one. The Bad Apple offers apples dipped in caramel and topped with an assortment of goodies like chocolate, cookies, nuts, and sprinkles served on a stick. A perfect treat for walking outdoors or giveaways in a party.

Bad Apple 03

The Bad Apple started on December 2013 by business partners Crystal and Thea. The concept began when Crystal made caramel apples for her baby shower and a lot of people loved it. Since it’s not widely available in the Philippines, they decided to bring the popular American dessert here experimenting for 3 to 4 months. Soon they’ve developed both staple and feature flavors which vary every month. Currently, they have 7 main flavors including Chocolate Pretzel, Apple Pie, and Cookies and Cream, to name a few. Although, you may request for custom designs and flavors for parties and events.

Evidence of their popularity is they barely go home with unsold apples. Most of the time, they bring about 100 or more apples per day, but customers usually buy more than one (some even a dozen), sometimes forcing Crystal and Thea to close earlier as they’ve already sold out.

Bad Apple 02They usually use green apples for their products.

I got to try out the Chocolate Pretzel which was absolutely delicious. The sweet caramel perfectly balanced out the sourness of the apple. The chocolate drizzle and pretzels complemented the dessert well, giving it an extra crunch and added flavor.

Starting price is P140, but if you buy a certain amount you’ll get a special discount. They’re also available to cater parties and events any day of the week.

Bad Apple 04


The Bad Apple

Saturdays (Salcedo Market) – Sundays (Legazpi Sunday Market)
Contact no: +63915-293-2288
Email: thebadapple.ph@gmail.com
Instagram/ Twitter: @thebadapple_ph
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thebadapple.ph