A Letter To Our Dearly Departed and Life Lessons From Losing A Loved One

Dear you in heaven,

Hi. I haven’t seen you in a while, but I know you’re doing okay. I’m sure things are going really great up there. Here? Oh, things are fine. We’re missing you a lot. The space you’ve left will never be filled again and whether it’s been a short time since or time had already passed, it’s still an empty spot which nothing or no one else can ever replace.

Life’s a little different since you’ve passed but we’re getting by. Please don’t worry. We’re doing okay.

Wherever you are, know that we’ll always have you in our hearts. The memories we’ve shared when you were still around will be remembered throughout our lives. They will be talked about during get-togethers and family dinners. We will remember what made you smile and when we see them, we will smile, too. We will remember the smallest details which seemed so insignificant at the time, but now, they’re part of the puzzle pieces that make you complete in our midst. We will remember the sound of your voice, the sound of your laugh. We will remember how you spoke. We will remember you.

We will treasure you even if we’re worlds apart now.

We will love you just the same.


Your friends and family


Losing a loved one or anyone dear to us is perhaps the most devastating thing to ever happen in our lives. Recovering from it will take time — a long time, even — and perhaps we don’t really recover from it. We just slowly get used to life’s routines without them. In fact, maybe we don’t fully get used to it at all. We just learn how to cope and take life one step at a time.

I lost my dad 6 years ago. At the time, I was 16 and my younger sister was just about to turn 4. It’s been six years since and things are a lot different now, but we both still wish that one way or another, he’s still around. Losing him taught us a lot of valuable life lessons, including valuing time. It’s unfortunate it took his passing for me to actually value the time I spend with the most important people in my life.

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So, to you, dear reader, if you’re reading this, please be reminded of all the people who make your life beautiful. Tell them how much you appreciate them. Forgive. Heal. Smile. Tell them that you love them.

We always hear the saying, “life is short.” I guess we’ll never fully understand it and absorb the meaning of it until something unfortunate happens. So, if you have everyone you love still surrounding you and making your life beautiful, please make them feel valued often. Value every second you spend with them. Our loved ones deserve to feel all the love right here, right now.

Never forget those who have departed. Love them from where you are and I’m sure that they’re somewhere out there, sending their love, too. 🙂


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