When Coincidences Serve As Small Reminders

Facebook user Sha Supangan posted this photo on Facebook the other day and along with it was a touching caption.


Stuck in traffic…and this is the cab I’m in right now. TATAY.

Tatay just passed away at 11:55PM last night. My dad. I was at the airport to meet with Alan for a little while and decided to go home first after. I always choose taking an Uber, but decided to take a regular taxi instead. (which was unusual)

And THIS is the cab I’m literally in right now.

It’s called: TATAY.
(I only call our dad TATAY, not papa or dad or daddy)

This brings me comfort in knowing he is still somehow with me and with us… And he’s taking care of me still. He’s up there and everywhere… And I believe he’s at peace and he’s okay. I can still feel his love.

I love you, Tatay.

Thank You

This post hit home because I, too, lost my dad a few years ago. Just like Sha, small coincidences make me believe that somewhere out there, my dad’s still watching over me. Some situations may be mundane or can just happen purely by chance, but I want to believe it’s his way of saying, “hey, I’m still watching over you.”

Love makes its way to us from wherever, whenever.

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