LOOK: ‘Angels In Us’ Taxi Driver Was A True Angel To This Doctor

Sometimes all it takes is one good deed to make someone’s day.
angels in us taxi
Full text:

Angels walk among us. =)

Last week, one of our doctors hailed an Angel In Us taxi from Riverside Medical Center (RMCI). He hurried jumped into the cab with all his belongings and alighted when he reached his destination at the Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital (CLMMRH) where he was scheduled to do some office work and check up on some patients. Upon reaching his office, he reached out for his laptop only to find that his bag was not with him. He quickly looked around his desk and fearfully realized that he left his laptop inside the taxi cab. In cold sweat and now visibly panicked, the doctor ran down to the drop-off area of CLMMRH despite the taxi cab being probably long gone by now. Valuable patient files were on his laptop and there was little he could do to retrieve them. Hundreds of hours of work and research – gone.

To his surprise (and disbelief), the taxi driver was standing in the drop-off area with his laptop bag waiting for him!

The taxi driver was already driving off when he saw that the doctor had left his bag. He then turned back and got down to try and look for the doctor. He didn’t try to open the bag. When he saw the doctor, he returned the bag and hurriedly went back to his cab, barely even hearing the doctor who was profusely thanking him. The taxi driver was in a hurry because the area where he left his taxi was a “No Parking” zone. He did not even think of asking for anything in return for his good deed.

This kind soul is Ronquilo C. Delfin, Jr., a 26-year-old, father of one, residing in Brgy. Taculing, Bacolod City. He drives an Angel in Us taxi (FXA 326) and is often stationed at the Riverside Medical Center, Inc.

“Gina balik ko kung may mabilin ang pasahero kay ti, maluoy man ta. Palareho man lang ta gapangita kwarta, (I return items left by my passengers because I sympathize with them. We’re all trying to earn a living)” Ronquilo said. He makes an income of around P300 to P500 a day but never ever thought of taking things that aren’t his. “Maayo sa pamatyag nga makabulig ka man sa iban, (It feels good to help others)” he added.

His father, Ronquilo Sr. is also an Angel in Us taxi driver and is he very proud of his son.

For his honesty and kindness, Ronquilo was cited and recognized by the Riverside Medical Center.

Faith in humanity definitely restored! What do you think about this story?


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