A Kitchen Love Affair: An Interview with a Masflex Lover

A Kitchen Love Affair: An Interview with a Masflex Lover


A Kitchen Love Affair: An Interview with a Masflex Lover


About two months ago, When In Manila introduced you to Masflex. A month after that, you had a taste of what recipes you can do with your new cookware. This time, you’ll hear from someone who has used the cookware for over two months. I had the chance to interview her while she was cooking her classic adobo. And yes, I am talking about my beloved mom. (P.S. She makes the BEST adobo.)

Q: What was your first impression of the Masflex cookware?

A: Of course, I was amazed. Aside from the fact that it looks sleek and polished, its performance is also top-notch. For example, when I’m frying a fish, a drop of oil is all you need to get it cooked. Then, add up the fact that you get to save on gas because you don’t need a high heat setting when you’re cooking. The pan will do that for you because it spreads out the heat evenly. It’s a good way to cook your meal faster. As for the pots, I like the fact that I don’t have to use as much water when I’m cooking adobo, since the non-stick surface does the job.

Q: What makes it different from the ones you’ve used so far?

A:  Well, first of all, like I mentioned before, it cuts down the cooking time whereas the ones I’ve used before, you really have to monitor the food or else, there’s a possibility of burning it or the food sticking to the surface. It’s the opposite with the Masflex lineup. Since the cooking time is cut to almost half, I don’t have to monitor the food as much. Likewise, with its non-stick surface, you don’t have much problem with the food sticking to the cookware.


A Kitchen Love Affair: An Interview with a Masflex Lover


Q: Is it easy to use?

A: It is! You can even cook now since we had it. You used to hate cooking, but now, you have come to like it. I should be the one asking you if it’s easy to use.

Q: How are the meals different when cooked using the Masflex cookware?

A: I noticed that the meat is juicier and more flavorful. It retains the texture of all the ingredients as well as its flavor, so it’s always a treat whenever you’re cooking. Even if you’re just preparing your good old classic adobo, it becomes a different dining experience when cooked with Masflex. Of course, since you use less oil, the food is healthier, which I think is what all mothers are hoping to achieve for their family. A healthy meal always comes first.

Q: How do you wash your Masflex Cookware?

A: I just simply go over it with water, use a cloth with a drop of dishwashing liquid to remove odor and bacteria, rinse and you’re done. You can either put it in the dishwasher or dry it with a towel. Although sometimes, I do see you just leave it with water and dishwashing liquid for a few minutes. When you get back to it, you make a one-over with a sponge then rinse.


A Kitchen Love Affair: An Interview with a Masflex Lover


Q: What do you love most about the cookware?

A: I’m obsessed with lids, so I would have to say the lid. I like that fact that you can still see through it despite all the steam. Especially since I am fond of cooking adobo, afritada and menudo. The second one would be the non-stick surface feature. It is just so amusing to cook eggs with ease. You can just shake it and serve.

Q: Would you recommend it to others?

A: Of course! As what I’ve mentioned before, it’s really easy to use. You get to avoid the struggle of having to wait for your meal, but you can still be assured with a flavorful dish once served. It’s still “umami” or “malinamnam”. It’s definitely for everyone! Plus, when you don’t spend too much time on cooking, you can focus on other important matters like bonding with the family or keeping in touch with your friends.

After thanking her for taking the time to give us a peek inside her head, I decided to take a look at my own cooking. I cooked pasta for dinner and without bias, it was cooked to perfection. It was al dente! And as much as I would like to credit myself for finally being able to achieve the perfect texture of pasta, I couldn’t have done it without the revolutionary Masflex evolution.


A Kitchen Love Affair: An Interview with a Masflex LoverHere’s my pasta, by the way! Excuse me for the bad lighting.



A Kitchen Love Affair: An Interview with a Masflex Lover

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