A Hotel Where Service and Comfort Meet with the Safety Features in the New and Better Normal Days

Eurotel Suite 13

As the world embraces the new normal during the pandemic, Eurotel worked hard to be better in helping prevent the spread of the virus. One thing is certain… expect the change and definitely for the better at Eurotel Hotel.

Spend your holidate at Eurotel’s SAFECATION, where health and safety guidelines are observed religiously to ensure the well-being of everyone, from the arrival of guests until check out.

Eurotel Hotel is so excited to welcome back its guests after spending time indoors.

Let me walk you through the safety features that were set that redefined their operations that make sure that everyone is safe and can confidently stay at Eurotel.

Eurotel IV Lights in room

The rooms are disinfected with Ultraviolet –C (UVC) light, which is well known for disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces. It is also proven to be effective to inactivate viruses, especially the coronavirus. The human-grade UVC Lights that Eurotel uses in all rooms and surfaces can disinfect not only the surfaces but also the air, which makes the rooms more comfortable to stay in.

Eurotel HEPPA

All rooms come with specially manufactured UVC LEDs installed in the air conditioning unit, which kill bacteria and viruses and prevent its spread. As it is turned on with the air conditioner, the room air is always sterilized each time it passes through the unit, ensuring the best possible room air quality for guests.

Eurotel Scan

Upon arrival, a Health Declaration Form must be completed. Contact tracing is one of the protocols that Eurotel is taking seriously and this is done through the safety QR Code. This mitigates the spread of the virus and monitors people going in and out of the facilities. The disinfecting mats are placed at the doorstep to ensure that all guests are disinfected upon entering the hotel.

Eurotel Face

Thermal scanner-controlled doors are also installed so guests don’t need to touch the doors when entering. The door entrance will not be opened if the temperature of the incoming guest is above normal temperature, which may be an indication of fever.

Eurotel MG 9911 HDR

One of the best methods in preventing the spread of viruses is to minimize touchpoints, which Eurotel Hotel considered important to avoid the transmission of viruses. Eurotel provides their guests a no contact key, a specially designed keychain to use on high-touch areas like doorknobs, doorbells, elevator buttons, handrails, and door handles. Moreover, there are automated no-contact fixtures like an automated toilet flush, foot door opener, foot mechanical hand sanitizing dispenser, and a QR Code menu. These reduce touchpoints to 40% and help guests avoid touching common surfaces.

Eurotel MG 0287

We all know that social distancing is also a way to prevent the spread of the virus and so, Eurotel Hotel made sure that there are floor markers to remind guests how far apart they should be from each other in the most common areas of the hotel like inside the elevators or at the front desk.

Eurotel Vaccinated

Indeed, Eurotel is where service and comfort meet. These features aim to provide a worry-free stay experience. The staff is fully vaccinated and they implement health protocols to protect guests and employees from any viruses and promote well-being.

Eurotel Suite 14

Eurotel Hotel has nine branches in key cities of the Philippines. These are Las Piñas, Pedro Gil, Makati, North EDSA, Vivaldi Araneta, EDSA Shaw, Baguio, Angeles, and Boracay. A great place for your safecation in Metro Manila and in other provinces. See you there!


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