A Filipino’s Guide To First Time Film Photography

Words and Graphics by Nadine Bufi

Photos by Nadine Bufi and Cody Bundoc

Something about shooting on film makes everything seem more magical— maybe it’s that you can’t guarantee whether it was a good shot right after taking it, or the happy surprises you stumble upon once you get your roll back. Magic feeling aside, it also takes a whole lot of commitment and definitely a bit of cash.

With that aside, here is checklist once you do begin on your analog journey!

Finding a Camera

1. Lomomanila Marketplace

Lomomanila is a Facebook buy and sell group headed by Manila’s many film photographers. There are daily posts on all kinds of cameras—whether it’s a point and shoot, rangefinders, or SLRs. There are tons of choices here but it is important to be wary of the people you purchase from (especially since Facebook doesn’t have strict selling rules).

Image from LomoManila Marketplace

2. Film4Ever

Film4Ever is an instagram shop dedicated to finding a camera for you. They do meetups in Katipunan, Project 4, and Cubao but also ship nationwide. The prices at pages like this tend to go higher for similar cameras but you can guarantee the quality as compared to Facebook groups.

3. Film Folk / Satchmi

If you want to try the feel and aesthetic of film but can’t quite commit to a full camera yet, try a disposable one! They sell a range of them in Satchmi (UP Town Center and SM Megamall). Some of the disposable film cams you can score here are the Fujifilm Simple Ace, Ilford’s B&W disposables, the Japanese Streetpan Kassha, and the Lomo Simple Use camera.

Film Finds

1. Film Folk / Satchmi

Satchmi x Filmfolk is back on the list! Kodacolor and Fuj is a pretty basic film stock that is good to start with because of the low price point. This leaves room for mistakes and you won’t be too broken-hearted if some of the photos don’t turn out well.

2. Wonder Photo

Wonderphoto regularly stocks their Fujicolor 200 and is also a budget-friendly first film. It retails at P215, the cheapest out of the other film stocks on the list.

3. Film_Finds

Kodak ColorPlus 200 is at the price range as Fujicolor 200! As the name states, I personally believe that this particular film has more saturated colors than it’s Fuji equivalent.

Develop + Scan

*Prices included are for C41 / colored film

1. Sunny 16 Lab

Sunny 16 Lab named Asia’s premiere Film + Digital processing lab currently has 3 locations for drop-offs in Metro Manila and a 4th on the way.


  • Satchmi, UP Town Center
  • Satchmi, SM Megamall Fashion Hall
  • 20b East Maya Dr, Philam Homes (Mon-Sat, 9am-6pm)

Sunny 16 offers various packages for different film types.

Type C41 (Color)

Develop/ Scan Rate Php 200/ roll

Turnaround time 3-5 days

2. Fotofabrik


  • Fotafabrik Studio, 25 Scout Tuazon cor. Scout Lozano, Quezon City
  • Escolta Dental Center, Unit 458-A Regina Building Escolta St. Binondo, Manila
  • R&L Point Dental – 2nd FLR SM City Masinag, Antipolo City

Type C41 (Color)

Develop/ Scan Rate Php 90/ roll

Turnaround time 1 week

Shooting film, although far from the uncomplicated click on a smartphone, is rewarding in more ways than one. Give it a go and you’ll understand! #FilmIsNotDead

Have you tried film photography? Let us know in the comments!


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