A Courageous Female Cop Prevented a Bus Robbery in Navotas

Women have been stereotyped by society as someone soft and vulnerable. While it may be applicable to some, these characteristics definitely don’t describe the 24-year old female cop, who acted on the call of duty.

female cop shots robber PO1 de Villa

According to an article shared by NewsInfo.Inquirer.net, the female cop, PO1 Judy Ann de Villa, shot and arrested a Commando gang member, who tried to rob a bus in Cubao, City last Tuesday night.

It was mentioned in the article that the brave female cop boarded a Cher bus from C3 terminal Navotas. She was on her way home to Makati when the alleged suspect (and two unidentified accomplices) got on the same bus at around 11:35 pm.

Furthermore, after five minutes, the suspect pulled out a handgun and forcibly took a lady passenger’s handbag, who was seated in front of the suspect.

As stated in the report, PO1 de Villa said, she courageously stood up and introduced herself as a policewoman and pointed her gun to the suspect.

Unfortunately, the suspects jumped out of the bus and ran in different direction. However, the brave female cop asked for backup and chased the suspect and shot him in the buttocks when he was finally cornered.

Additionally, the suspect was charged with multiple cases, including illegal possession of firearms.

Meantime, the victim’s bag was immediately recovered.

The female cop received commendation from her superior, chief of Navotas Police, Senior Superintendent Dante Novicio, for her splendid performance.

Obviously, commuters not only worry about the inevitable traffic but also the safety of our public utility vehicles.

Kudos to you, PO1 Judy Ann de Villa! Cheers, to courageous cops like you!

If you were in her position, would you have done it the same way or differently?


How about you, what can you say about her way of apprehending the suspect?