9 Fashion Items to Help You Get That E-Girl Aesthetic

What is an E-Girl?

For those of you who have been living under a rock, a new subculture of influencers has emerged that is taking the online world by storm: the e-girl. E-girl literally means “electronic girl”. The term e-girl originated from the archives of Urban Dictionary. It used to be a derogatory term to describe “very online women who are always after the D”. But at present, the term has evolved from a “thirsty internet trap” to someone who is confident about her own beauty and aesthetic even when it goes beyond the norm.

While the stereotypical Instagram influencer is a polished Barbie doll that travels from one country to another, the e-girl is this generation’s manic pixie dream girl, a fantasy that never leaves the room.

Why Are E-Girls So Popular?

In my opinion, the reason e-girls are so popular is because they celebrate a kind of beauty that is different from what is celebrated on mainstream. Instead of glam makeup, a curvy body, and designer clothes, the e-girl aesthetic is about looking grunge with thrifted clothes while being fun and colorful at the same time. Bright pastel hair, winged eyeliner, drunk blush, mini-skirts, thigh high boots, and chains — it almost looks like a character out of comic book and maybe that’s we like e-girls so much.

More than the looks, e-girls are about attitude. Just because you look cute doesn’t mean you can’t look tough. When you look at TikTok user @xepherwolf, she owns her chunky boots and chains every day of the week:


lmfao the end has me dead 😩 This took forever! don’t let it flop #fyp #fashion #egirl #ootd

♬ Days Of The Week Male Man British English Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Speech Spoken Speaking Sound Effects and Spoken Phrases Male Voice – Serious About Sound Effects

TikTokers like @buffi show us that the e-girl aesthetic shines even with fuschia pink eyeshadow:



♬ original sound – Tobee Paik

Even Cosplay Queen Alodia Gosiengfiao rocks the e-girl look:


Story of my life 🤓 #egirlfactory #egirlfactories #efactorygirl

♬ Me Me Me – AntiNightcore

How Do I Get The E-girl Aesthetic?

Anyone can get the e-girl aesthetic. While it’s mostly about attitude, here’s a few items to add to cart so you can own your e-girl look to the fullest:

9. Cream Blush

The trademark of the e-girl aesthetic is the drunken blush. It’s a look that screams hot and unbothered by everyone’s admiring glances.

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8. Gel Eyeliner

If you want to achieve the perfect winged eye with the little heart on the side, then a good gel eyeliner is your best friend.

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7. Knee-length Boots

Nothing speaks attitude more than black knee-length boots. These boots basically scream: “cute can kick your ass”.

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6. Chain Choker

If there’s a fashion item that get bring any onlooker to their knees, it’s chain chokers. It’s the perfect combination of looking hot and bad-ass.

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5. A-line Skirt

Just like the kawaii girls we see on anime, there’s something about a-line skirts that scream irresistably cute. Being an e-girl isn’t all about being cool and tough. Sometimes you can bat your eyelashes while you curtsy, too.

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4. Graphic Tee

The best part about graphic tees is that you can choose whatever floats your boat. Whether you want something cute or angsty, there is a graphic tee that reflects just that.  

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3. Lace Stockings

Lace stockings are the e-girl essential you need when you want to feel cute, girly, and kinda cheeky. It’s the perfect accessory to go with your A-line skirt.

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2. Striped Shirt

Layer your long-sleeved striped shirts under your graphic tees, and you have nailed the quintessential e-girl look. Something about striped shirts reminds you of My Chemical Romance in the shower. That’s the kind of energy any aspiring e-girl needs.

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1. Corset

Wearing a corset instantly ups your e-girl aesthetic to a whole other level. I love that it’s so versatile too. You can wear it over a shirt or a polo, and you already exude the “don’t-mess-with-me” attitude that every e-girl has.

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