8 Year-Old-Boy Spends 2 Days Hiking Up A Mountain To Fulfill A Promise To His Late Mom

Tzou Ze Gan, an 8-year-old Taiwanese boy, dedicated 2 days to hiking up to the highest peak in Taiwan.

Jade Mountain, or Yu Shan as it is locally called, has an elevation of 3,952m (21.8km). The trek is known to cause nausea, dizziness, and breathlessness.

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Despite all these challenges, Tzou made it to the top — all the while carrying a portrait of his late mother. You see, Tzou and his mom had planned to climb the peak from the time he was 4 years old and she had told him a story about it. She soon after needed a procedure done on her leg and was unable to make the climb with him. Instead, she told him: “When you explore the world in the future, you can bring Mummy’s things along.”

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After his mother’s passing around 1 year ago, Tzou remembered his promise and knew he had to fulfill it. He and his father then began training for the climb together. During that time, Tzou’s father would tell him in motivation: “Yu Shan is the highest point in Taiwan, I’m sure we’ll be closer to Mummy over there.”

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He accomplished the trek with his father and 2 family friends. Tzou braved through feeling nauseous, dizzy, and breathless, having to take numerous stops along the way. But they made it to the end, with Tzou recovering in the last leg of the hike.

At the top of the mountain, Tzou proudly held his late mother’s photo in her memory. He shouted out loud: “Mummy! We’ve reached the top, I carried you to the peak of Jade Mountain!”

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