Young Boy, Afraid of Being Circumcised, Hides On Roof of House

This five-year-old boy from Indonesia couldn’t bear the thought of being circumcised by his parents, so he went out to hide on the roof of his own house.

It took two hours before he was able to get down.

The whole ordeal had been witnessed and documented by a doctor, Anik Sutari, who said in her Facebook post which has since gone viral that this is the first time she has ever seen a boy escape to the roof in fear of the procedure.

She said that the parents had to call the boy’s schoolteacher whom he liked and trusted to convince him to come down from the roof. “Miraculously,” as the doctor had described it, the boy immediately went to where the circumcision will take place on his own and displayed no resistance during the entirety of the procedure.

Circumcision is typically done to Muslim children in Indonesia when they reach five years of age as a religious tradition. It is widely believed that cutting off the top part of the male genitalia signifies cleanliness.

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What are your opinions on circumcision for young male children? Do you think it’s necessary or not?


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