8 Travel Essentials for a More Convenient and Worry-Free Travel!

Words by Meldrick Tin

We, Filipinos, definitely LOVE to travel. And while the idea of traveling is definitely exciting, in reality, it is not always comfortable! Long plane rides in cramped airplane seats, securing the safety of your belongings while on your adventure, organizing your things and your travel essentials, and more—these are legit concerns to consider when traveling, and therefore things you should be planning ahead for!

Whether you’re planning a quick getaway or mapping out that month-long dream trip, take a look at these items that will surely make your adventure more convenient and worry-free. Below, we’ve rounded up eight travel essentials that will change the way you travel.

8. Secrid Miniwallet

Secrid Indigo 2

The Secrid Miniwallet in the Indigo Leather Collection.

Secrid Miniwallet 1

The Secrid Miniwallet with its sliding mechanism.

The Secrid Miniwallet is a more convenient alternative to your card holder as it has a sliding mechanism which is a simpler and easier way of accessing your cards, while also protecting them from breaking, bending, and unnecessary RFID or NFC scanning. You can also secure cash, receipts, bank notes, business cards, and the like in the interior of this mini-wallet, perfect for your travels!

7. Freitag Hazzard Backpack

Freitag Hazzard 1

The Freitag Hazzard is perfect for the on-the-go adventurers.

Don’t be intimated by the unique and unconventional look of the Freitag Hazzard — it is not only made from upcycled materials like truck tarpaulins and car seat belts, but it is also perfect for your travels. The Swiss brand prides itself in producing tough and durable products, meaning you can use this versatile bag even on your toughest and most extreme adventure!

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6. Bellroy Travel Wallet

Bellroy 1

Cash, cards, airplane tickets, passports, and a pen — all your travel essentials in one wallet. (Plus, a secret compartment!)

Bellroy2 1

The Bellroy Travel Wallet has four accessible card slots, a pen holder, and a pouch for your passport.

Don’t you just hate the feeling of having to dig through your messy bag just to find your passport or airplane ticket right in time for immigration? Lucky for you because the brand Bellroy has come up with a travel wallet that can hold all the travel essentials you can think of! The wallet can hold cash, tickets, and up to 10 cards, and it is also built with an RFID protection, a hidden compartment for your extra cash, a pen holder, and a pouch fit perfectly for your passport! How cool is that?

5. Ostrich Pillow Go

Ostrich Pillow 1

The Ostrich Pillow Go

Unlike your typical U-shaped neck pillow, the Ostrich Pillow Go is built with a smart high density memory foam, which means that it is soft and gives you natural ergonomic neck support. Gone are the days that you’d have to suffer from stiff neck — you no longer have to adjust to your neck pillow because the Ostrich Pillow Go adjusts to you! This pillow is also very compact and travel-friendly, meaning you can wear, pack, and wash it easily anytime, anywhere.

4. Heroclip

Urban Traveller CoThe Heroclip is a multi-purpose carabiner hook that can be attached to your backpack!

If you hate having to carry things around, this product is for you! Go hands-free and hook any of your items with the Heroclip. This special carabiner hook allows you to gather, fasten, and hang stuff anywhere because unlike other regular hooks, this one can twist, fold, and swivel, making sure that all your stuff are securely kept all in one place.

3. Banale Toothbrush

Banale 1

The Banale Toothbrush

Unlike the ordinary traditional toothbrush, the Banale Tootbrush is built specifically for travelers as it is both compact and travel-friendly. What sets it apart from other toothbrushes is that it has a refillable built-in toothpaste and interchangeable bristles. Now, you have no excuse for bad breath — even in transit!

2. Alltul all-in-one toolbox


The Alltul can be easily attached as a key chain alongside your keys!

In case of emergencies when traveling, the Alltul is your all-in-one toolbox encapsulated into a small and slim key chain, which can fit snugly inside your wallet. Plus, the Alltul comes in cute animal designs — raptor, dino, owl, shark, wolf, and bear — which has different tools per design. Some of the tools included in the Alltul are a bottle opener, letter opener, box opener, Phillips head, flat head, wrench, wire cutter, and the like, but the tools vary per animal design. Plus, the Alltul is pretty affordable, starting at just ₱399.

1. Dock & Bay Beach Towel

Urban Traveller CoThe Dock & Bay Beach Towel comes in red, blue, green, and yellow — perfect for your Instagram feed!

For the travelers who love going to the beach, the Dock & Bay Beach Towel is more than meets the eye — aside from its pretty and Instagrammable design, it is absorbent and dries three times quicker than a regular towel. For those who dislike sand on their things, this towel also repels sand! The towel also comes with a travel pouch, making it compact, lightweight, and easy to pack inside your bags.

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