7 Products that are Made Out of Recycled Plastic

The Philippines generates 2.7 million tonnes of plastic waste annually, making it the 3rd leading country that contributes to ocean plastic. Though there are many efforts from individuals, groups, and companies to lessen plastic waste; there is still a lot we need to do to save the environment.

We are so glad to see that some businesses are taking charge of recycling plastic waste like water bottles and fishing nets. Here are some brands and products that are currently using recycled plastic to make their products.

7 Products that are Made Out of Recycled Plastic

Body Party

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One of the coolest products we’ve featured, Body Party is swimwear made out of recycled fishnets. Since the Philippines is one of the biggest pollutants of the ocean, it is fitting that we find ways to recycle the waste used near bodies of water. Body Party, which was established in 2015, uses fishnets to make their fabric. The fishnets account for 10% of the trash in the ocean and they are beautifully repurposed through these swimsuits that are proudly Pinoy.


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A brand that originated in Canada, Parkland is also available in the Philippines. Their 2018 Spring collection is made out of polyester from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Each bag is made out of 12 plastic bottles that are shredded into tiny pieces and melted to make the threads that make up the whole fabric.

Ralph Lauren

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Major fashion brand Ralph Lauren is also joining the eco-revolution with their signature polos. In partnership with an organization with First Mile, each polo is made out of 12 plastic bottles. The brand has committed to removing 170 million bottles from landfills and oceans by 2025.


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Whether you like going to the beach or practicing yoga, you may have heard of Sora. Each towel is made out of eight plastic bottles. The brand is constantly looking for ways to lessen their carbon footprint, and even their packaging and business cards are made ethically! They also assure their consumers that each towel is still highly-absorbent and quick-drying despite being made out of plastic.


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With a vow to make 11 million pairs of shoes made out of plastic, adidas aims to lessen the plastic waste that ends up in the ocean. So far, the brand has been able to save 40 tons of plastic waste in their offices, retail stores, warehouses, and distribution centers. Aside from recycled material, they also are finding ways to use other sustainable materials, cutting CO2 emissions, and preventing waste.


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Proudly made in the Philippines, Bag-o is from Bago City, Negros Occidental. Each bag is made out of crocheted old plastic bags and is sold from Php30 to Php1000. The brand’s trash-to-treasure process ensures that they properly choose the plastic, clean it, and crochet each thread together.


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Winder Recycling Company makes chairs out of plastic waste. The Davao-based company makes one armchair with either 10,000 candy wrappers, 2,156 sando bags or 300 water bottles. Each armchair is used in public schools all around the Philippines. 30 kilograms of raw plastic materials can be made into a 13-kilogram chair, and the company can replace the broken parts.

Have you heard of other brands that use recycled plastic for their products? Share them with us?