8 Relatable Life Lessons from ‘Alone/Together’

The trailer of the LizQuen movie ‘Alone/Together’ made a promising impression on fans as it highlighted the personal struggles that 20-somethings face in real life. (Watch the ‘Alone/Together’ official trailer here.) I watched the movie on the first day and here are some of the lessons that really struck a chord in me.

8 Relatable Life Lessons from ‘Alone/Together’

8. Learn to leave when things are no longer comfortable.


You have all of this enthusiasm to change the world when you’re young. However, the real world may change you, your values, your dreams, your priorities, and your hopes for the future. If your partner or job violates these things and you are no longer comfortable, you have the right to leave anytime.

7. Choose your battles.


Sacrifices must be done to save others. Listen to your heart to see if a cause is worth fighting for.

6. You can’t choose who you fall in love with.


You will long for the person who supports and respects your dreams, even the most unconventional ones.

5. Revisit what you once loved.


Your old passion is not completely gone.  It is still alive deep within you and the reason you might feel something is lacking is because you deny yourself of this thought and decide to just settle.

4. Do not let anyone take away what’s yours.


Your talents, passions, and dreams speak of who you are. It is a part of your own masterpiece as a person and no one can take that away from you.

3. Come to terms with your past.


Sometimes, you might get hurt when you go to familiar places that remind you of who you were in the past. However, it may also be the first step you need to reconnect with the old version of yourself that you have lost along the way.

2. Do not give up at the sight of failure.


Just because you didn’t fulfill a dream doesn’t mean that you’re a failure. Life has funny ways of telling us that an ugly beginning is pivotal to a wonderful masterpiece. Just don’t give up.

1. It is never too late for anything.


It is never too late to turn around, rebuild yourself, and regain the chances you may have lost in the past.

‘Alone/Together’ is directed by Antoinette Jadaone and is now showing in cinemas nationwide. Have you watched the movie yet?