8 Reasons Why McDonald’s Should Bring the Szechuan Sauce to the Philippines

Surely, you’ve heard about the highly in-demand McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce. The demand for this rare dipping sauce is straight out overwhelming that it even caused a riot in the US. Yes, you’ve read that right. Only recently, people were rioting over a packet of this undoubtedly famous sauce.

The sauce in question was first brought to the public’s attention in 1998 as a condiment to McDonald’s Happy Meal Chicken McNuggets, released to help promote Disney’s film ‘Mulan.’ Unfortunately, as soon as the promotion for the film ended, the sauce was also phased out.

Nineteen years later, you’d think people have already forgotten about this limited-time dipping option. Wrong. The writers of the popular Cartoon Network show ‘Rick and Morty’ have not, as what could be seen in the premiere episode of the show’s third season, where one of its beloved characters Rick was shown searching for Szechuan Sauce.

Fans were hyped, so McDonald’s, of course, took this as a promotional opportunity and brought back the sauce, but only to some of its restaurants in limited quantities and only for a day. Several fans missed getting their packets, and this was when the riot started.

In response, McDonald’s announced through a Twitter post that it will be officially bringing back Szechuan Sauce to its menu, although details of the locations where the sauce will be available have not yet been released.

We think we all certainly deserve a packet of Szechuan Sauce, too, so we’ve come up with eight reasons why McDonald’s should bring it to the Philippines. Here’s our list:

8. It’s the famous Szechuan Sauce! There’s no simpler reason as to why it should be brought here.

7. We need another dipping option. It can’t be all just barbecue sauce.

6. We want to be able to say, “Give me a 6-pc Chicken McNuggets meal with Szechuan Sauce, please!”

5. Filipinos love sauce! Sauce here. Sauce there. The more sauce there is, the better.

4. We want to dip our nuggets into a 19-year-old rare sauce.

3. We’re fans of Mulan. To have an element from the film brought into real life is just–we can’t even.

2. Similar reason. ‘Rick and Morty’ is life. Do we need to say more?

1. Rick is all of us. Just like him, we want Szechuan Sauce so badly, too! So, please, McDonald’s, make it happen.

Do you have another reason to add to this list? Share it with us!


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