8 Reasons to Have Your Wedding Reception at Vikings Venue

In just a few years’ time, Vikings has already grown to a prodigious scale with Niu as its upscale sibling in the swanky BGC territory, while opening branches in Davao, Bacolod and Cebu. With what it has to offer its guests and a growing number of loyalists, it’s no surprise that so many of our kababayans spend their special occasions here –which vary from birthdays to clandestine wedding receptions.


Well, I feel for any bride who wants the comfort of Vikings – its food , ambience and service, but with the dire need for privacy to celebrate a milestone so momentous it’s practically an all new playing field in life.

Fortunately, brides fret no more since Vikings Venue has opened just shy of Christmas last year and is already in full operation. Just a stone throw’s away from the Vikings Mall of Asia branch, we’ve rounded up a number of reasons why we’d love to have our wedding reception at Vikings Venue.

8. Good Food All Day Long

You can sit pretty on your wedding day and let the guests choose from the various stations to satiate their palate. Besides, that’s what Vikings is known for – the quality of their food! With tapas and appetizers from sushi to stuffed mushrooms to start off the festivities, to Vikings’ fresh seafood and famed carving station (lamb and rib-eye galore) for mains, and finally an array of glorious desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth for the night.


7. Free-Flowing Beer

This is another reason why Vikings is so loved. Keep your dad, ninongs, titos and guy friends solved all night with Vikings’ free-flowing draft beer that pairs well with practically everything on edible on display. The waiters are gracious enough to attend to your beer needs while seated and will gladly serve you a cold one if you’re busy with the program.


6. Budget-Friendly

Every bride wants a fairy-tale wedding, but without the strain of costs. Vikings Venue is a two-in-one if you will, a hybrid of your caterer and events place where you only need to pay for the food. For a minimum of 50 guests, you can use one of their many private function rooms free of charge, so you have more for dreamy decors and memorable installations.


5. Completely Customizable

Each function room can be personalized –every element from the centerpiece to the space’s entire color scheme. In fact, Vikings Venue will let you rent out the whole place for free for a minimum of 400 to 450 guests. In which case, you can definitely personalize the interiors, even adding a stage for a full band set-up and a photo booth.


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