Vikings Buffet Gives Out FREE FOOD Every Month!

In honor of Vikings Food Fest, the luxury buffet has started to give out FREE FOOD on a particular day every month. It’s applicable to the first 100 people who fall in line. The mechanics are simple: repost a post from @vikingsluxurybuffet on Instagram and use the hashtags #vikingsfoodfest and #eatlikeaviking and show the receptionist at the booth.

But first, a lunch buffet on a sunny weekend to get the ball rolling. With the quality of food Vikings offers, their prices are more affordable than most hotel buffets (Tipid tip: Weekday prices are considerably lower). And the variety of dishes and cuisine are overwhelming. What I love most about Vikings, though, is that there is draft local beer included in the whole package.

VikingsMOA3The impressive spread of canapes that includes all things decadent from deviled eggs to lump fish caviar.

VikingsMOA7My favorite pulutan so far: blinis topped with cheese or yogurt and two kinds of caviar. The stuffed tomato on the side is really good, too – a break away from the usual buffet fare.


And of course, all the baked oysters your heart desires to go with the free-flowing draft beer.

VikingsMOA2Just half of the sushi spread that makes use of fresh ingredients. My toddler especially loves the rolls with juicy fruit slices in the middle.

VikingsMOA1Here’s my best attempt at plating the fresh sashimi platter. Vikings assures that their guests are provided with high quality seafood, judging by the succulent pieces of salmon and tuna that they have available.


Their create-your-own hotpot is good for three to four people.


 Vikings also prides itself on its carving station, offering prime cuts like this Prime Rib.

VikingsMOA5Or this Roasted Lamb with Mint Jelly.

VikingsMOA9This pretty dessert surprised those who joined the Vikings Food Fest promo. A cream puff with cream cheese and yogurt topped with blueberry jam. The filling isn’t too decadent and the combination of the cheese and yogurt make the dish a light conclusion to your meal.


An array of free food to give away to the FIRST 100 PEOPLE IN LINE.



Even the inside of the box is super pretty. Such Instagrammable food!

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